online advice

The Bieszczad Górecki law firm offers legal assistance on the Internet. We offer a unique opportunity to obtain legal aid without leaving your home. Each stage of the legal service takes place online: from ordering, sending materials, through payment, ending with the consultation itself.

Thanks to this, you save time and money.

legal advice form

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  • How to order online legal advice?

All you need to do is complete the legal advice form, briefly describing your problem, and possibly attaching the necessary documents.

  • How much does online legal advice cost?

The analysis of your problem is completely free. After the analysis, you will receive a quote, advice and a link to electronic payment (or a bank account number for transfer). We guarantee that the cost of online legal advice will not exceed half the fee for the same traditional advice. If our price does not suit you, you can cancel without any charges.

  • Can you opt out of online advice?

Yes, till making the payment, you can cancel the advice completely free of charge, even if the analysis of the case by our lawyers is complete.

  • Who gives online legal advice?

Online legal advice is provided only by certified lawyers (mainly attorneys) authorized under the Law on the Bar. After submitting the contact form, we direct your case to a person who has experience and who specializes in your problem.

  • What does an online advice look like?

You choose the form of assistance yourself: written advice, advice in the form of a videoconference or advice in the form of a teleconference.

  • In the case of written advice, you will receive an e-mail from us with a solution to your problem.
  • In the case of advice in the form of a videoconference, you will receive a link to the videoconference, the date of which is agreed in advance. After clicking on the link, you start a consultation with a lawyer.
  • In the case of advice in the form of a teleconference, you choose the date of the telephone conversation and the consultation takes place over the phone.
  • How quickly will I get an answer to my legal question?

Within 24 hours on working days, you will receive all the necessary data for online legal advice. The consultation itself will take place within up to 3 business days after the payment is credited to our account. If the dates proposed by us for advice in the form of videoconferences or teleconferences do not suit you, we will propose further dates so as to adapt to your expectations.