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Bieszczad Górecki Adwokaci s.c. Law Office

specialises in providing legal services to business entities and individuals. We have extensive experience in corporate counselling including services for public listed companies as well as representing legal and physical persons in court disputes and out of court negotiations. Our team and the lawyers cooperating with us represent a wide range of practice area, which allows to apply comprehensive legal solutions for full protection of diverse interests of our clients.

Years of experience and carefully selected co-operators allowed to create basic rules which we follow when working with our clients.


We make every effort to enhance the client’s chances to achieve the desired goal in the shortest possible time.

Experience and practice area

We engage in specific fields of law which lie in the scope of our expertise.


Our services are tailored to individual needs of each of our clients.


Our law firm has run for our clients undertaking such as:

  • acquisitions and takeovers of companies, including the takeover of a Polish company by a  worldwide tycoon of the metallurgy industry (the value of the transaction being about 100,000,000 PLN), processes of a takeover of a popular internet service, a hotel chain, a logistic company (the value of each transaction from a couple to dozens of million PLN),
  • service and trading contracts of value from dozens of thousand to over 70 million  PLN in automotive, metallurgical, construction, IT and food industry realised on the territory of Poland, Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Slovakia, Brazil, Maleysia, Mexico, the USA,
  • a number of partial and full acquisitions of companies along with workforce transfer from tens up to hundreds of employees combined with counselling on the optimisation of employment,
  • legal audit and staff training in the biggest, national entity in the insurance brokerage,
  • drafting franchising contract for a national retail chain,
  • conducting the purchase of shares in a company managing a national chain of hotels,
  • legal counselling in the process of the issue of shares of a construction company,
  • conducting numerous litigations for share purchase rights, including a national chain of grocery shops,
  • legal counselling on investments in multi-million zloty worth construction projects,
  • representing corporate clients in numerous  civil, business and labour lawsuits,
  • representing individuals in numerous lawsuits for payments such as damages and compensation, employee benefits, enforcement of contracts and inheritance rights,
  • legal aid with the expansion of two international airports,
  • legal aid with realising contracts concerning World Youth Day in Cracow,
  • representation of dozens of entities in proceedings carried before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and Court of Competition and Consumer Protection,
  • dozens of the GDPR implementations,
  • legal service to a couple of housing associations,
  • implementations of the EU directives and new national regulations for a couple of companies, including distributors on the financial market.


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