real estate

Our firm from the very beginning has been supporting our clients in the wide range of issues related to the construction process and property law.

  • We advise and secure in the process of purchase and sale of properties. Before the purchase we verify the legal status and point potential risks related to the transaction. We conduct proceedings related to the regulation of the legal status of a property – such as usucaption lawsuits, enfranchisement cases as well as reconciliation of the entries in the mortgage register with the actual legal status.
  • We advise our clients in the construction processes, starting with the building permit up to commissioning and billing of the realised investments. Our experience in representing both investors and contractors of building works gives us a broad insight in the process flow and allows to predict potential threats. We have advised and represented parties in investment processes worth over 70 million PLN.
  • Among our clients are also housing communities, to whom we offer a complex legal servicing within the duties relying on the property management and claims of the community against developing and construction companies.
  • We advise to corporate clients so as to choose an optimal and safe method of investment into the property market, especially through creating subjects of the special purpose vehicle (SPV) type or holding companies.
  • We offer wide experience in the processes of commercialisation of properties, especially in drafting and negotiating contracts of lease of large service, office and industrial facilities.
  • We have broad experience in disputes concerning property faults and clams resulting from development agreements.