legal service
for companies

The Bieszczad Górecki law firm specialises in legal services, including tax law, for corporate clients. We provide services for private entrepreneurs,  partnerships and joint stock companies. We provide day-to-day support both for local businesses in Cracow and Lesser Poland and for companies operating nationwide and internationally. We run complex legal services for sole traders, small and middle companies, as well as companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and employing over 1000 workers.

What is current legal service for a company?

  • shareholders’ meeting protocols
  • management board resolutions
  • work regulations
  • remuneration rules
  • privacy policy
  • anti-corruption policies
  • safety policies
  • ethics codes
  • terms of service for online shops
  • general terms of contracts
  • documentation on personal data protection

Each of our corporate client is assigned a few lawyers, which contributes to complex and comprehensive legal counselling offered to our clients as well as savings of time and cost of legal services.

We provide legal representation for companies in the following industries:

  • IT and new technologies
  • real estate and construction
  • finances, investment funds, insurance
  • E-commerce
  • media, advertisement, PR, modelling
  • trade, distribution
  • services for industry, logistics
  • start-ups
  • public sectors
  • production (chemical, building, textile, automotive, food, metallurgic, furniture, tobacco)


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