The Bieszczad Górecki law firm professionally and effectively conducts claims for compensations. We have been operating on the legal services market since 2015, we have wide experience in pursuing personal injury claims in the following areas:

  • road traffic damage compensations (car accidents, pedestrians or cyclists hit by a car, death of a relative in a road accident)
  • claims for compensation for assault and battery, bodily harm
  • work injury claims for compensation
  • claims for compensation for injuries in amusement parks and centres, in playgrounds
  • compensations for medical errors
  • claims for compensation for injuries on ski slopes
  • claims for compensation for injuries acquired at swimming pools, aqua-parks

Our law firm guarantees a 100% free legal analysis of each case in a short time. Pursuance of a compensation claim is preceded by cost estimate of the service, after it is accepted we begin to perform the order.

The law firm is not an ordinary compensation claim company. We employ genuine lawyers, mainly attorneys-at-law, act ethically and professionally under the Law on the Bar and the Code of Professional Ethics. We do not impose any hidden fees or illegal heightened commissions.

We correct errors and take over cases from compensation claim companies and law firms, thanks to which our clients increase their chances to obtain compensation and at the same time avoid excess commission fees.

We pride ourselves on high effectiveness. We conduct hundreds of court cases. Some of the cases conducted recently include:

  • compensation for a motorbike accident (fractured leg, injuries to multiple organs) – 900 000 PLN (a case taken over from a “compensation claim law firm” which proposed three times lower compensation and 20% commission for themselves)
  • compensation for a car accident (death of a close relative) – 600 000 PLN
  • compensation for medical malpractice (incorrectly performed aesthetic surgery) – 500 000 PLN
  • compensation for medical malpractice at labour (hypoxia of the child leading to permanent neurological changes) – 500 000 PLN
  • A significant part of the remuneration for the law firm is based on the claimed compensation, which guarantees that the claimant will not have to bear disproportionate costs before the claimed amount is transferred to their account.
  • In cases within the range of personal injuries, especially for medical malpractice and traffic accidents we cooperate with forensic examiners as well as any other necessary professional fields. Thus we increase the chances for a successful compensation claim.