commercial contracts

Since its beginning, the Bieszczad Górecki law firm has been involved in drafting commercial trade and service contracts in national and foreign market.


The service in this field covers various aspects of contractual law at each stage of a transaction:

drafting letters of intent, memoranda, negotiation and confidentiality agreements, preliminary agreements
conducting negotiations
analysis and drafting contracts
verification of contractual securities
verification of risks and contractual sanctions (contractual penalties, guarantee penalties, responsibility limiting clauses)
negotiation of transition periods, provisions and statements, transaction conditions
verification of a contract partner's legal and business reliability and stability
assisting in closures of transactions and signing documents
post-transaction services

Some of the contracts prepared by our law firm include:

  • construction works contract
  • developer agreement
  • IT software implementation agreement
  • transfer of copyright agreement
  • licence agreement
  • sale agreement
  • tenancy agreement
  • lease agreement
  • franchise agreement
  • agency agreement
  • lien agreement
  • contract of surety
  • consumer agreements, general terms and conditions of insurance, regulations
  • transfer of title agreements to secure repayment
  • loan agreement
  • contracts and regulations for e-commerce
  • confidentiality agreements
  • non-competition agreements
  • management contracts
  • agreements of purchase/sale of liabilities
  • distribution and dealership contracts

We also offer experience in drafting and negotiating contracts concerning mergers and takeovers, or similar contracts. Some contracts within share deals include:

  • investment agreement
  • minority share/stock purchase agreement
  • majority share/stock purchase agreement
  • entire share/stock purchase agreement
  • contribution agreement for organised part of an enterprise
  • lease agreement  for organised part of an enterprise 
  • share redemption and cancellation agreements
  • agreement for a pledge on shares
  • in-kind contribution agreements

Our law firm also provides post-transaction services. We ensure that our clients avoid contractual risks, as well as their business partners comply with the concluded contract. Post-transaction activities include:


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