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Arrears are a huge risk for any entrepreneurship. Hence our law firm professionally and instantaneously supports our clients in recovery of large amounts of debt.

How is debt collection processed?

The first steps which we take are an attempt to amicably solve the problem along with voluntary repayment of the debt sums.  We conduct negotiations within this range and  try to arrange the quickest debt collection in the pre-court stage.  These are actions beneficial to the both parties – they generate less cost than a standard judicial recovery, and later by a bailiff. However, debtors are not always willing to voluntarily repay the debt. Then, the only step left is to take the matter to court.

Judicial recovery requires initiating a particular procedure. Depending on the type of issue and its complexity, we advise in the choice of proceedings (electronic writ-of-payment proceedings or traditional proceedings). In the case of recovery of small claims or in uncomplicated matters, we always try to obtain a payment order in the electronic proceedings – then the judicial costs and the law firm remuneration are lower, and the chance to solve the matter quickly – higher.

After obtaining a final court decision, it is possible to start bailiff enforcement. Within the proceedings, we prepare requests and participate in court-ordered repossessions all over the country. Thanks to our rich experience in conducting recoveries, we have selected bailiffs nationwide who have shown effectiveness in their up-to-date actions.


Recovery cost

We are flexible in determining fees.  Depending on the client’s choice, we may use hourly rate models, a fixed flat rate fee, or we vary the fee for our law firm  based on the repossessed amount using a low range of flat rate fee.


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