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Bieszczad Górecki Adwokaci s.c. Law Office specialises in providing legal services to business entities and individuals. We have extensive experience in corporate counselling including services for public listed companies as well as representing legal and physical persons in court disputes and out of court negotiations. Our team and the lawyers cooperating with us represent a wide range of practice area, which allows to apply comprehensive legal solutions for full protection of diverse interests of our clients.


Years of experience and carefully selected co-operators allowed to create basic rules which we follow when working with our clients.


We make every effort to enhance the client’s chances to achieve the desired goal in the shortest possible time.


Experience and practice area

We engage in specific fields of law which lie in the scope of our expertise.



Our services are tailored to individual needs of each of our clients.




associates lawyers attorney trainees junior lawyers


Daniel Bieszczad

Attorney-at-law, Associate


He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University and completed legal attorney apprenticeship in Cracow Chamber of Attorneys. He has been in the legal profession since 2005. Apprentice and partner of renown law firms.


Daniel Bieszczad specialises in legal services for enterprises, with particular emphasis on contracts in business trading. He boasts wide experience in running court proceedings in cases relating to compensation claims, for share rights in companies and arising from contracts. He has been advising within the area of real estate law, financial law, competition law and new technologies law. He has assisted with his advice in investments and contracts as well as in mergers and takeovers of the value from tens to over hundreds of million PLN.


Mail to: bieszczad@bgka.pl


Grzegorz Górecki

Attorney-at-law, Associate


Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. He completed legal attorney apprenticeship in Cracow Chamber of Attorneys. Apprentice and partner of renown law firms. He has been in the legal profession since 2005.


In the law firm, he is charge of service for business entities, consumer protection law and labour law. He has gained wide experience in proceedings within civil law, including damages and protection of personal rights. For many years, he has been supporting entities within the branch of new technologies and dealing with legal issues of activities on the Internet, as well as personal data protection. He is experienced in providing legal services to large business entities, including those listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


Mail to: gorecki@bgka.pl


associates lawyers attorney trainees junior lawyers


associates lawyers attorney trainees junior lawyers


Agnieszka Wolińska



Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, she completed legal attorney apprenticeship in Cracow Chamber of Attorneys. She passed the attorney-at-law exam in 2017.

Agnieszka specialises in economic law, including cases within intellectual property law, protection of copyright and competition law, paying special attention to entities in the area of IT and finance. She has gained experience in implementing compliance mechanisms for companies from numerous branches in relation to Polish and EU legal regulations.


She is responsible for drafting contracts within copyright law, as well as proceedings concerning trademarks, competition and consumer protection and violations of personal rights and image, including penal aspects of those violations.


In our legal firm she also deals with cases within personal data protection.


Mail to: wolinska@bgka.pl



associates lawyers attorney trainees junior lawyers


associates lawyers attorney trainees junior lawyers


Magdalena Smędzik

Barrister Trainee


Graduate of law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University. In 2017 she was listed as a barrister trainee of Cracow Chamber of Attorneys.


She is responsible for current services to entrepreneurs, especially drafting and giving opinion on contracts in business transactions. She has wide experience in insurance cases, which include pursuing compensation claims for traffic accidents. In our legal firm, she specialises in cases within personal data protection, including the implementation of the GDPR in private enterprises and public sector entities. Copyright law, especially regulations concerning transfer of copyrights to a work, is also within her interests.


Mail to: smedzik@bgka.pl


Edyta Kuś

Barrister Trainee

Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University. She was listed as a barrister trainee of Cracow Chamber of Attorneys in 2017.


She specialises in court proceedings, especially in cases concerning liability for damages including liability for incidental medical malpractice as well as real estate law. She is experienced in representing and serving real estate market entities such as investors, purchasers, sellers and housing associations. Her scope of interests also includes intellectual property law, including copyright law and trademark law as well as personal property law. She also supports companies in running their day-to-day businesses, especially within internal documents of companies and contracts in business trading.


Mail to: kus@bgka.pl

associates lawyers attorney trainees junior lawyers


associates lawyers attorney trainees junior lawyers


Malwina Szczepańska

Junior attorney-at-law


Education: degree in law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. She specialises in economic criminal law and labour law. She is also in charge of providing legal support for corporate clients in running their day-to-day businesses. In the course of her studies she successfully participated in subject competitions and numerous student apprenticeship programs. She also won the scholarship of the Rector of Jagiellonian University for the best students. She is an author of academic essays on the right to defence and penal liability for giving false testimony.


Mail to: szczepanska@bgka.pl



associates lawyers attorney trainees junior lawyers





What we have achieved so far?


Our law firm has run for our clients undertaking such as: 


  • acquisitions and takeovers of companies, including the takeover of a Polish company by a  worldwide tycoon of the metallurgy industry (the value of the transaction being about 100,000,000 PLN), processes of a takeover of a popular internet service, a hotel chain, a logistic company (the value of each transaction from a couple to dozens of million PLN),

  • service and trading contracts of value from dozens of thousand to over 70 million  PLN in automotive, metallurgical, construction, IT and food industry realised on the territory of Poland, Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Slovakia, Brazil, Maleysia, Mexico, the USA,

  • a number of partial and full acquisitions of companies along with workforce transfer from tens up to hundreds of employees combined with counselling on the optimisation of employment,

  • legal audit and staff training in the biggest, national entity in the insurance brokerage,

  • drafting franchising contract for a national retail chain,

  • conducting the purchase of shares in a company managing a national chain of hotels,

  • legal counselling in the process of the issue of shares of a construction company,

  • conducting numerous litigations for share purchase rights, including a national chain of grocery shops,
  • legal counselling on investments in multi-million zloty worth construction projects,

  • representing corporate clients in numerous  civil, business and labour lawsuits, 

  • representing individuals in numerous lawsuits for payments such as damages and compensation, employee benefits, enforcement of contracts and inheritance rights,

  • legal aid with the expansion of two international airports,

  • legal aid with realising contracts concerning World Youth Day in Cracow,

  • representation of dozens of entities in proceedings carried before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and Court of Competition and Consumer Protection,

  • dozens of the GDPR implementations,

  • legal service to a couple of housing associations,

  • implementations of the EU directives and new national regulations for a couple of companies, including distributors on the financial market.





specializations branches pro bono

corporate clients



  • drafting, analysing and negotiating contracts in business transactions

  • representing clients in civil law cases, business law cases, labour law and competition protection cases

  • representing clients before public administration authorities

  • drafting legal memoranda within broadly understood corporate law

  • running legal audits of companies

  • protection of personal interests of companies, especially protection of  reputation on the Internet and other mass media




  • legal advice on establishing, registering, transformation and liquidation of commercial law companies

  • advice within transactions of selling, purchasing or merging companies

  • representing companies in registration proceedings

  • representing clients in suits for share rights

  • drafting and analysing documentation connected with the activities of commercial law companies, including complex representation on shareholders’ meetings




  • drafting all kinds of employment contracts, managerial contracts, agreements relating to material liability of employees, non-competition agreements, negotiations etc.

  • drafting work regulations, regulations concerning remuneration and other company internal documents

  • representing employers in relations with trade unions and court disputes with employees

  • advice on group lay-offs and acquisition of companies



  • representing clients before Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and Court of Competition and Consumer Protection
  • complex advisory within antitrust law and consumer
  • drafting of agreements, regulations and other documents in terms of their compliance with the legal acts on competition and consumer rights




  • running complex audits on personal data processing

  • creating compliance mechanisms within personal data processing adjusted to the profile and operation range of the company

  • playing the role of personal data protection inspector




Our law firm runs trainings for entrepreneurs on practical apsects of business activities in legal operations, especially concerning  claims by entrepreneurs, negotiating contract conditions in relations with other entities, correct keeping of internal company records, responsibilities of members of company boards, legal relations with employees.

individual clients



  • representing clients in court cases relating to material claims, particularly:

    • damages and compensation for traffic accidents and medical malpractice

    • claims due to breach of contract

    • heritage-related claims

  • representing clients in divorce cases and in disputes over the division of matrimonial property

  • representing clients in cases relating to the protection of personal interests

  • representing employees in disputes with employers, including issues such as: overdue payments for overtime, appeals against unreasonable termination of an employment contract, clarifications, certificates of employment.



  • legal advice within concluding contracts on real estate trade

  • opinionating and drafting contracts for construction works

  • legal aid within claims relating to real estates, including cases of usucaption,  expropriation, co-ownership dissolution, protection of ownership

specializations branches pro bono


specializations branches pro bono

IT and new technologies


We provide comprehensive services for both companies and individual clients engaged in software development and distribution. We represent both contractors and purchasers with relation to acquisition, disposal and maintenance of IT systems. We may offer our unique experience in drafting and executing of contractual clauses concerning responsibility for software defects and violation of software copyrights. We represent purchasers, contractors, subcontractors, software authors in court trials and negotiations with Polish and foreign entities.


Construction and real estates


We are experienced in extensive advisory and representation in the course of construction processes. In our work we follow, beside statutory laws, also construction norms occurring in Poland and in the European Union. We draft investment contracts as well as purchase and acquisition contracts. In disputes and negotiations, we represent interests of investors, architects, contractors, subcontractors, sellers and purchasers of real estates. We service both housing and infrastructure enterprises.


We advise in transactions regarding real estates, running comprehensive legal audits.


We provide legal services for housing associations, whose total membership reaches a few thousands. In this range, we make claims to developers to remove defects of real estates or pay damages. We cooperate in it with acclaimed experts and appraisers within the area of construction and real estates.


Finances, investment funds, insurance


We represent clients, distributors and investment companies from a†widely understood financial sector. We have experience in disputes in front of UOKiK (Office of Competition and Consumer Protection) and KNF (Financial Supervisory Commission). We provide legal aid within disputes related to acquiring, selling and running investment instruments such as deposits (including so-called investment policies), insurances, investment fund units, bonds, stocks, options.We prepare comprehensive implementations of compliance mechanisms for any subjects of the financial market. We implement adequate procedures of personal data protection and competition protection. We verify documentation in terms of abusive clauses. We draft agency and distribution agreements.


We offer legal advice to credit takers in disputes with banks, especially within claims resulting from indexed loan agreements or denominated in a foreign currency.


Media, advertising, PR, modelling


We provide legal aid to entities within broadly understood media. Over years we have gained experience in drafting and giving opinion on contracts concerning copyrights, running court disputes for copyrights, protection of personal rights, protection of the right to image.

We advise on acceptable forms of advertisement of particular products. We provide legal aid to PR, advertising and modelling agencies within their daily activities as well as for particular court and out-of-court disputes.



We advise in all aspects of production activities, including day-to-day company operations, in relations with contractors and customers, as well as in court and out-of-court disputes. Our clients include production companies within chemical, construction, textile, motor, food, metallurgy, furniture and tobacco industries.


Trade, distribution


We are experienced in legal aid for entities involved in domestic and international trade in numerous branches. We represent our clients’ interests in relations with their contractors, in court and out-of-court disputes, and in negotiations. We have broad experience in evaluation, drafting and executing trade contracts both in Poland and abroad.




We offer legal services of companies dealing with activities on the Internet. We provide legal aid in such aspects as regulations, personal data protection, realisation of claims in court cases. Our clients include the leading Polish Internet shops.


Services for industry, logistics


Our long-term experience in legal services for companies providing services within the fields of engineering, logistic, installation, warehouse, maintenance, relocation has allowed us to elaborate a unique legal know-how of legal services for companies within the above industries. We bear responsibility for any legal aspects of a company’s operations, from day-to-day activities, to disputes with contractors, and finally to the most complicated contracts realised with global companies all over the world.




We have a special offer for companies dealing with innovative initiatives. Our first projects of this type, pioneering on the country’s scale, were realised as early as 2006. We assist start-ups in setting up a business, drafting contracts and in-company documentation. We pay special attention to intellectual property rights and our clients’ safety in their relations with contractors.


Public sector


We advise entities within the public sector, such as local government authorities units, state administration institutions, hospitals, schools and universities. We represent our clients in court and out-of-court disputes, negotiate contracts and advise on drafting internal documents.


specializations branches pro bono


specializations branches pro bono

Our Law Office provides free legal service for non-profit making organizations, especially foundations and associations. All non-govermental organizations can get profesional legal service from our lawyers.

specializations branches pro bono





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Bieszczad Górecki adwokaci spółka cywilna Law Office

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